Specidy "RVA Cutting Chic Pooh" Boone is for the most part an successful, self-taught, Hair Care, Hair Cutting Specialist, Salon Owner & Licensed Instructor from Richmond, Virginia. A wife, mother of 2 and grandmother of 1.
Specidy “Pooh” has been perfecting her craft and building her empire for over Twenty-five years since the age of 15. With these years of experience below her belt, this Successful Stylist have been able to effectively provide consistent hair services to over hundreds of clients throughout the Richmond metropolitan area, surrounding cities & states.

Receiving a Icon Award in 2014
Featured on the News in 2016
Featured in the Hype Hair Magazine in 2021
Featured in The US Times in 2021
Featured in the New York Business Now 2021
Featured in the Business Sharks Magazine 2021
Featured in the Hustle Weekly 2021

Now she excited to take her years of experience, investing in knowledge, trails and errors she learned from and now help stylist & salon owners all over the world "How To Framework Building Your Business As A Salonpreneur". Work Smart, Not Harder, Add More Cash Without Adding A lot Of Clients & Live A Life You Can Enjoy.
At the age of 21 (2003), Pooh started up her salon name "One Touch of Paradise" as a booth rental & then opened up her own salon in 2009. In 2014, Specidy 'Pooh" expanded to Spa Services included Massage Services.
At the age of 38, Pooh branch off and build her own brand RVA Cutting Chic Pooh & In 2021 retired her salon, due to health reasons and built a private salon so the she can work less behind the chair and focus more on self-care and building our salon communities. After she worked in salons and owned her on salon for 13 years. She seen a need that can change the salon culture.
"RVA Cutting Chic Pooh is more than a just a brand. She is also is an hair coach. You can ask her clients & trained stylist. Once you sit in her chair or be trained by her, you are in for an experience you will never forget."
~ Specidy "Pooh" Boone ~
As an advocate for healthy hair & corrective haircuts, Pooh has more to offer than a typical Hair Stylist. Rather than solely "styling" her client's hair, she specializes in caring for her client's natural tresses. Being knowledgeable about natural & relaxed hair, Pooh understands that every client is different and she takes great pride in both learning and catering to the needs of every client that sits in her chair.

She also is a advocate for running a professional and success business in the hair industry, Specidy "Pooh" has more to offer than a typical stylist & salon owners because of her years experiences as a cosmetologist & salon owner and passion. Rather than starting without a blueprint to follow, she specializes in helping stylist and salon owner work on their MINDSET, SKILLSET & MARKETING to be successful & thrive.

Why us?

Coming to RVA Cutting Chic "Pooh" is a great opportunity to be service in a nice and relaxing environment SO COME LET HER BE A SERVICE TO YOU!!

Salon Hours

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